A short time ago, in a city named São José of Fields...…

STAR WARSPrologues


“Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you.”

Despite many misfortunes and tragic events, it is not yet time to give up.

This is a period of renewal.

But to a crisis out there.

Despite so much insisting and not giving up on informatics in Brazil.

Felipe Michetti returns, with new ideas, revolutionary, studying, creating applications and sites for staff. I try to invade the world of software development and thus abandon his career as a formatter.

Despite many attempts and nothing seems to work ...

Now with new tools, projects and portfolio it's time to get a job.

Equipped with Java, PHP. Ruby and Android.

With a lot of talent, strength and persistence. It's time to win the war against fate.

In a world where many study and do not achieve what they plan from the beginning

Giving up and surrendering to the world of support

To have faith and hope is essential.

Not to join the forces of darkness and format for '20 reais'.

He needs to lift his head and be patient. Fight with all your might and reach the predestined.

Will he finally succeed ?

Follow this real life adventure

Pay a Visit for https://www.codecode.com.br/

For now Felipe is freelance ready!



Remember, 'Formatar não dá Exp'!

View the source, Luke!

THANK YOU @craigbuckler

THANK YOU, George!

Follow the stronger side of the force