A not too long time ago, in a city named São José of Fields...

STAR WARSPrologues


“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

Running is necessary.

Ready things for the big change.

Preparing yourself mentally for your new phase of life.

Fire and leave people behind.

Believing that it would again have the lull, and the benefit of a new life in a new city.

FELIPE MICHETTI, this new journey begins.

A little happy with this new phase.

He began to live and realize the place of his new destiny.

Everything seemed bigger and better, and even more evolved.

But not everything is what it seems ...

Months if job opportunities did not appear.

It was not possible to return to the gym.

He was starting to get worried.

Family problems began to occur.

Everything I did not need now ...

A few more months have passed

Finally found a place to work.

But with totally new things.

The development powers were saved ...

Every beginning is beautiful.

Travel, learning, despite the low pay, He was meeting there, and feeling useful.

Nice proposals came up, again he was beginning to reassure himself.

Although everything went well, one day the great Death Star came, out of nowhere, without making a noise, and destroyed everything.

Not just my things, but all the people involved. Scandals from the past of this company made it one day it collapsed.

Here you do, here you pay. It takes but does not fail.

Again, back home.

No money, no gym.

And now what will he do?

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