A long time ago, in a city named Indaiatuba...

STAR WARSPrologues


“Feel the Force.”

A new trail begins, a path full of rewards, things have begun to improve.

Although developmental powers and abilities have lagged behind.

A time of calm returned. It's time to get back on the ground and start moving forward.

Some more time has passed, much has been learned. Much confidence has been gained. The present time was guaranteed. But until when?

Still not exactly exercising his skills, the tranquility was in the head. It was time to rethink the future.

Take back the gym.

No more in the same course. But now on a new track. Many past events and perceptions of the present. Made this change.

It's time to bet.

Again inside the Academy, now as future Business Administrator,

Learning and running behind the knowledge is accurate.

Armored dedicating his life, to studies and to work. Everything is flowing well.

New friendships and circles formed.

He was destined for new hope.

Learning and rediscovering the world.

Two more years have passed.

Turbulence at work begins to occur, charges and changes.

Again. Keeping in mind that everything there was temporary. Decided to go on until it was no longer possible.

And discovered that it was time to migrate from town, trouble with his parents' work.

They made that change happen.

It's time to continue, but in another city ...

Where will it go?

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