A long time ago, in a city named Indaiatuba...

STAR WARSPrologues


“Patience you must have my young Padawan.”

Right decisions at the wrong time ...

A new awakening ... Not too late at Indaiatuba Software Developer Academy.

Resources have run out. There is no way to go on.

The gym was locked.

You need to find some new way to make money to get back.

... and quickly ...

Again inside the lan of the desperate. the comeback.

New ideas have emerged, there is already some experience, and if you start a different career, offer home support services.

Although he did not like the idea very much, it seemed the best way out at the time.

Time has passed, few services showing up.

New enemies were appearing. Unfair competition was great.

Again a new decision would have to be made.

Worries and bad thoughts were taking hold of his head.

His future was threatened.

With the network down. It was delayed, but a new opportunity appeared.

The opportunity to enter the Forum of Indaiatuba.

Without thinking twice. Accepted the challenge.

With a new challenge at hand how will this story unfold?

Follow this real life adventure

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For now Felipe is freelance ready!



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