A long time ago, in a city named Indaiatuba...

STAR WARSPrologues


Luke, i am Your Coder!

It's time to start chasing after your future young Padawan

Every beginning is beautiful ... Now formed by the Academy of Formatters of Indaiatuba.

A New Journey begins. Inside the desperate Lan.

It was not what it deserved, but it served as learning. Learning to deal with the public was essential to pursue this career.

Despite his low beginner salary. It was possible to start growing.

Career that did not last long.

Until being convened by a Major Business Solutions Developer.

In this in which he perfected his abilities, he suffered, and grew, but he was not what he wanted from the beginning.

Tired of formatting and seeing that your life did not get better ...

Developing knowledge was lagging behind.

The charges have begun.

A new attitude had to be taken.

Learning was still necessary.

With that in mind, he decided to leave the Great Enterprise to achieve a new kind of reward.

The University Degree. The sweaty, tired university degree.

Only in this way would it be possible to grow again and obtain the Great Power of Development.

At this stage ...

Friendships came and went.

Bad winds began to beat.

But he managed to remain firm. And began his studies at the Academy of Software Developers of Indaiatuba.

Has our Padawan made the right decisions about his future?

Follow this real life adventure

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For now Felipe is freelance ready!



Remember, 'Formatar não dá Exp'!

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